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Day in the Life of ASU Sustainability & Business Marketing Student

Join Annika, our Global Futures concurrent degree (double major) in Sustainability and Business Marketing, as she shares her ASU experience in an instagram takeover. Learn how she goes about her day as a student athlete that plays ASU volleyball and why she has chosen her Sustainability program.

Engineering | Presentation


How do we ensure that facial recognition technology is developed responsibly and ethically? Join Risk Bites and Professor Andrew Maynard from the ASU College of Global Futures as he dives into complex ethical problems and risks presented by face recognition.

Sustainability | Presentation

Sustainability Storytelling: Student-produced Short Documentaries

Relax at home with your favorite movie snack and watch two 2020 documentary shorts produced in Professor Peter Byck’s class. “Plant the Rain” shows how a renegade rainwater harvester and a band of elementary school kids maximize the desert’s water. “Holding on to the Corn” explores the multi-generational effort to create a healthier community through Hopi knowledge and traditions.

Student Life | Tour

Day in the Life of a Sustainability Alumna Working at U-HAUL

Follow Arizona State University School of Sustainability alumna Alexia Bednarz for a glimpse into her sustainable career at U-HAUL. Alexia shares how her position and sustainable practices have been implemented at U-HAUL and their impact. She also shares her journey to becoming a Sustainability major and how she landed her job at U-HAUL.

Social Science | Demonstration

Futures Technology Bracket Board Game: Print and Play

This game is designed to give opportunity for participants to think about how future technologies will impact society and reflect on their own values around this theme. Do they think about risks and benefits? Unintended consequences? Using a tree diagram style bracket, participants will narrow down a list of future technologies and discuss why some might be more important than other.

Social Science | Presentation

What is chaos? How is it different from randomness?

Science develops models that help us make sense of the patterns we see in the world. Without those models, the world appears to be random – a product of chance. But as we gain knowledge, we learn that there are patterns, and knowledge of those patterns makes the world seem less random and more deterministic. But what if there were systems that behaved randomly even if you knew everything about how the system works? These are special kinds of complex systems that are said to be chaotic. Here we explore how chaos is the apparent randomness from ordered complex systems.

Sustainability | Presentation

Sports & Sustainability

How does a big business industry like sports take into consideration sustainability? Join us for a worthwhile discussion with ASU College of Global Futures School of Sustainability alum Garrett Wong as he shares how the sport industry can be a beacon for communities as social, economic, and environmental components are taken into consideration when working towards sustainable solutions.

Engineering | Presentation


Imagine eating a hamburger that is, in every way, identical to the hamburgers you’re used to eating—except that didn’t come from an animal! While this may sound like science fiction, lab-grown meat (also known as cultured meat) may be available to most people in the next couple of years—they’re already being served up in Singapore! Join Risk Bites and Dr. Mariya Vizireanu from the ASU College of Global Futures as we take a look at what lab-grown meat is, and what the benefits and risks might be.

Engineering | Presentation


Advanced brain computer interfaces like the one being developed by Elon Musk’s Neuralink have the potential to transform our lives for the better. But they also come with complex ethical challenges. Join Risk Bites and Professor Andrew Maynard from the ASU College of Global Futures as he explores the benefits, risks and ethics of advanced brain machine interface technology.

Sustainability | Presentation

Dinner for 9.6 Billion

As our world population continues to growth exponentially, what happens when our resources finite? Join us for discussion of what sustainable solutions we can do while we live through this peril and be introduced to one of our new Food Systems program within the Arizona State University School of Sustainability.

Engineering | Presentation


How dangerous could artificial intelligence turn out to be, and how do we develop ethical and beneficial artificial intelligence? Join Risk Bites and Professor Andrew Maynard from the ASU College of Global Futures as we take a look at how we might develop AI safely, ethically, and beneficially, while avoiding potential dangers.

Humanities | Presentation

CSI Skill Tree: Video Games and Possible Futures

CSI Skill Tree is a series of events and videos that examines and celebrates how video games envision possible futures, build rich and thought-provoking worlds, and engage people as active participants in unfolding and interpreting stories. Our guests include game developers, scholars, critics and journalists, science fiction authors, and other interesting folks working at the intersection of technological change and story craft. So far we’ve looked at indie games like Subsurface Circular and Waking Mars, big-budget games like Death Stranding and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, critical favorites like 80 Days and Flower, and classics like Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri.

Sustainability | Demonstration

Watch and Create! Creativity for Sustainability

In this activity, children and adults work together to explore their relationship with technology and examine ways to make sustainable media consumption choices. Participants watch a short clip of a cartoon, then try a creative challenge to turn time spent watching videos into an interactive and imaginative experience at home.

Student Life | Tour

Day in the Life of ASU Sustainability Major Transfer Student

Join Samantha, a College of Global Futures transfer student, as she shares her experience of transferring to ASU as a Phoenix local. At ASU, Samantha is double-majoring in sustainability and supply chain management. Samantha talks about how she's getting hands-on sustainability experience through extracurricular activities and studying abroad in rural China and Nepal.