College of Integrative Sciences and Arts Activities

Natural Science | Presentation

Have A Bright Idea: Learn How to Light a Bulb

Have a bright idea and learn how to light a bulb. Join the Physics faculty at ASU Polytechnic in this presentation to learn the properties of series and parallel circuits using simple mini light bulbs and batteries.

Culture/Language | Presentation


Did you know that you already know more than 10 words in Spanish? Also, you probably haven't noticed, but you already know more than you think about the Latinx culture. Do you wanna prove this? This trivia video is gonna make you feel good about your knowledge on music, arts, sports, and, of course, Spanish. We will also give you some info about our Spanish program downtown. Did you know that ASU has a SPANISH FOR THE PROFESSIONS PROGRAM? You can become a successful bilingual and bicultural professional! Don’t doubt it, the global job market needs people like you!

Natural Science | Demonstration

Sling Shot Into Space

Have you ever wondered how far and how fast can a rocket fly? With the help of our ASU Physics instructors virtual demonstration, you can learn how to build a model rocket step by step and learn the physics behind it. You can then launch it and compete against a family member to see how far and how fast yours can fly!!!

Natural Science | Demonstration

Build your Own Mini-Siege Engine!

It may not be able to launch a 90 kilogram projectile over 300 meters, but this little catapult can throw just about anything you can fit in the bucket. Join the physics group at ASU's Polytechnic campus in this demonstration to learn how to build your own personal siege engine. This catapult only requires very simple materials, does not take very long to build, and is easy to construct so anyone can make one.