Education Outreach and Student Services Activities

Student Life | Performance

Broadcast Club Presents...

The ASU Prep Digital Broadcast Club presents The Spark, a special presentation of our video newscast for your review! Our elementary school students will teach you the Spanish phrase of the week, and an interview with Roblox, an online community of game players and creators. Learn how young Sun Devils can code and publish their own games!

Student Life | Tour

K-12 Sun Devils at ASU Polytechnic

ASU Preparatory Academy Polytechnic is a K-12 community of Sun Devils, located right on the ASU Polytechnic campus! If you haven’t heard about the world-class work our school is doing with Sun Devils before they get to the university, join us for a campus tour of our student clubs, academics, projects and commitment to K-12 future world leaders.

Student Life | Presentation

Access ASU and SPARKS, many SPARKS

Access ASU creates many SPARKS in the community through educational programming throughout the year for the next generation of ASU students. Our SPARKS ambassadors are leading the way by connecting students and families to summer program opportunities, family engagement programs, and much more. Check out our ASU student led session to learn more about the SPARKS being created in the ASU community and how you can SPARK your college pathway.

Student Life | Presentation

Achievement Unlocked: Earning ASU Credit in High School

ASU Preparatory Academy high school students discuss why earning ASU credit in high school not only benefitted their high school learning but also paved the way for their future entrance into the university from both an education, and social/emotional perspective. If you are, or have, a high school student - this interview panel of high school Sun Devils will answer your questions about why and how to get started.

Engineering | Presentation

Young Inventor Spotlight

ASU Preparatory Academy Phoenix is a K-12 school of Sun Devils, located next to the ASU Downtown Phoenix campus! Join as we introduce you to Kenneth Warren, a young inventor who has created several useful inventions for his science class this year, including the “Ultimate Game Controller.” If you have a young inventor at home, watch Kenneth pitch his inventions and inspire other young Sun Devils on how to do the same!

Health & Wellness | Demonstration

Burpee Workout Equals Superhero!

Coach Alberto Flores and 4-year-old Manny demonstrate a simple burpee workout, with information on how to incorporate this exercise into your family workout routine.

Humanities | Performance

Storytime: I Like Myself!

ASU Prep Digital second-grade teacher Ms. Nicola Homy is an energetic and exciting learning coach who loves children and reading fun books! Join Ms. Homy as she reads "I Like Myself!" High on energy and imagination, this ode to self-esteem encourages kids to appreciate everything about themselves, inside and out.