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Character-Driven Leadership

As part of Arizona State University’s Innovation Week 2020, General Freakley, Special Advisor to President at ASU, gives an introduction to the tenets of character-driven leadership. Freakley is part of the Leadership, Diplomacy and National Security Lab within The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. The Leadership, Diplomacy and National Security Lab advances character-driven leadership, diplomacy, and national security education and training in support of the full range of university enterprises.

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Degree Exploration: Global Studies

Katie Reese, Manager of Academic Advising for the School of Politics and Global Studies at Arizona State University, shares information on the global studies Bachelor of Arts degree at ASU. The BA program in global studies examines the causes and consequences of problems that cross national boundaries and the governance of these problems in social, cultural and economic contexts.

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What is human communication?

Learn what is meant by human communication with this fun video!

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Civic Classics Collection

The Civic Classics Collection is comprised of historically and culturally significant rare books and manuscripts related to American political thought. The School of Civic and Economic Thought and Leadership curates the collection in collaboration with ASU’s Hayden Library. Prominent items include a 1788 first edition of The Federalist, a 1776 first edition of Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations, an 1848 partial printing of the Seneca Falls Declaration in The North Star, signed copies of two books by Martin Luther King, Jr., a first edition of Zitkala-Sa’s Old Indian Legends, and many more. For more information, visit

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What is chaos? How is it different from randomness?

Science develops models that help us make sense of the patterns we see in the world. Without those models, the world appears to be random – a product of chance. But as we gain knowledge, we learn that there are patterns, and knowledge of those patterns makes the world seem less random and more deterministic. But what if there were systems that behaved randomly even if you knew everything about how the system works? These are special kinds of complex systems that are said to be chaotic. Here we explore how chaos is the apparent randomness from ordered complex systems.

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Study Abroad video

Watch this fun video from a Hugh Downs School Starbucks online student on her study abroad experience in 2017 to London, Edinburgh, and Dublin

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Futures Technology Bracket Board Game: Print and Play

This game is designed to give opportunity for participants to think about how future technologies will impact society and reflect on their own values around this theme. Do they think about risks and benefits? Unintended consequences? Using a tree diagram style bracket, participants will narrow down a list of future technologies and discuss why some might be more important than other.

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What does a degree in Political Science look like?

Political science is the study of how citizens interact with their governments and how governments at all levels formulate policies to serve their citizens. Political Science students are well-rounded learners with the research and writing skills useful for success in political or governmental careers, law school, graduate study, business or the nonprofit sector.