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ASU Open Door at the Tempe campus

Please join in the fun at ASU Open Door @ Tempe campus! Date/time: Saturday, February 25, 1-5 pm

ASU Open Door @ Tempe is a rare opportunity to get a behind-the-scenes look into the spaces that house our most innovative projects, including the Buseck Center for Meteorite Studies, The Walton Center for Planetary Health, The Biodesign Institute, and the Mars Space Flight Facility. Check out dozens of activities in the Bateman Physical Sciences Center, and visit the Nelson Fine Arts Center, The Ronald Greeley Center for Planetary Studies, and many more.

Connect and interact with ASU Faculty and staff as you become immersed in Dreamscape Learn, visit the American Indian Studies Creativity Corner, check out the Monarch Butterfly Photo Booth, have Cafecito Con Familia, or see how Math is Changing the World. Get up close and personal to Honeybees (safely), Ask A Biologist, experience Virtual Reality and Embodied Education, plus hundreds of thought-provoking exhibits.

Join one of the many Informational Tours of the Tempe campus including: School of Art - Open House & Studio Tours, the STEAMtank Museum, The Center for Negative Carbon Emissions, Visita Guiada Bilingüe, Bilingual Guided Tempe Campus Tours, Mirabella at ASU, Sun Devil Fitness Complex, and The Jules Heller Print Study Room at the ASU Art Museum.

ASU is a foundational partner of the Arizona SciTech Festival and ASU Open Door @ Tempe is a signature event. ASU values interactive learning and the importance of engaging learners; ASU Open Door celebrates that kids today are smart, tech savvy, and more involved in their own educational experiences than ever before!